Wipe Off That Grin, I Know Where You’ve Been

I did my part to conserve oil and natural resources today by taking San Francisco & Oakland’s public transportation, called the BART. It stands for, you guessed it, Bay Area Rapid Transit and is the only subway I’ve ever been on that is carpeted. No idea why. My guess is that they have to replace [...]

Go Ask Alice, I Think She’ll Know

So I’m sitting here, exhausted, with a million thoughts just bouncing like those ping-pong balls in the lottery machine on the 11:00 news.
At this moment (roughly 9:15pm), I’m sitting in my hotel room in San Francisco at The Argent Hotel, perched on the 31st floor half-staring at my laptop, but mostly staring directly out in [...]

This Is Highly Irregular, Michael

A day of days. I was supposed to leave Boston this morning on an early-morning flight to Los Angeles, but as many of you know in the northeast, you can’t plan anything this winter because it snows every day. I woke up at 5:30 and called in to find out my flight was cancelled and [...]

Hands Across America

The original intent of my post today comes further down. But when I was thinking about that subject line for today, I remembered back to Hands Across America. This was an event which took place in May of 1986 and involved five million people joining hands and forming a line which ended up stretching 4,152 [...]

¿spooky o no spooky?

Oh, We’re Halfway There

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this blog. It’s hard to believe I’ve kept it up for over three years now. All that time, mostly writing about myself. Some of you who know me better might be thinking that it’s actually not such a shock that I’ve managed to talk about myself for that [...]


I took this picture as I was driving to my sister’s house in New Hampshire last Thanksgiving. As you can’t tell, it was a somewhat cloudy, gray day and I was getting very close to her house when I drove by what seemed like an open field. But when I looked closely, I could see [...]