Has Item Five Really Returned?

Yes! It won’t be a regular feature around here simply because I don’t have time to do these interviews much these days, given my job, plus child rearing, plus need for sleep. But now and then it will pop up and it will be totally sweet. Get it? OK then.
It’s been three years since I [...]

The Friendly Confines of RustedRobot

OK, so this is the first Item Five I’ve done where someone else actually hooked me up with the interviewee. Typically I like to seek them out myself and typically they’ve done something such as create an album or write a book that caused me to seek the person out and interview them, but this [...]

When You Coming Around Again?

You know, this whole interviewing my family thing is kinda fun. I’m considering expanding the scope to include extended family as well. This could be fun. Of course, if you don’t know anyone in my family (and most of you don’t), it’s probably a little less interesting, but like I always say, that’s the way [...]

You Know We’ll Have A Good Time Then

Well, since it’s so much easier to get your family to respond to interviews than authors and musicians, Item Five returns today. Today’s victim is my dad. He’s got a good story which I’ll get to in a minute. I remember when I was around ten years old I found his high school yearbook in [...]

Item Five: Is Only A Motion Away

Long time readers might be wondering whatever happened to my interview series called “Item Five.” Well, nothing happened to it, really. When I have time, I’ve continued to reach out to musicians, authors, etc and most of the time they seem eager to participate. So I send them a list of questions to answer and [...]

Item Five: Wave That Flag, Hoss

Brian Henneman of The Bottle Rockets
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Back in August, I kicked off my “Favorite Bands of the ’90s” series with Festus, Missouri’s finest band, The Bottle Rockets. So as to avoid any repeat writings, I encourage you to visit that post if you want to for a quick refresher [...]

Item Five: The Man Comes Back

Jay Farrar, Circa 1997
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One would guess that I would return here to The Robot after ten days vacation with some long, overly verbose attempt to be profound about my first trip ever overseas (London & Paris) but it’s not happening on this day. Oh, don’t worry though, it will [...]