Nothing To Believe In

Cripes. I drive a 2002 Toyota Camry, which I bought new off the lot. I’ve driven all 85,000 miles of it and I think I’ve had to bring it to the shop once, for a tweak on the brakes. Oh, there was that time it had to be fixed when our house painters dropped a [...]

Howdy Spoodle Time

My parents got a new dog last summer (cockapoo) and he’s a very cute and friendly little guy they named Murphy.  This weekend when we were visiting them the conversation turned to his hair, which my mother claimed was non-allergenic and then she added that “he doesn’t have fur, he has hair.” Honestly, I never [...]

The Left Misses The Right

I woke up this morning in a hotel room in San Francisco. A brief work trip, one in which I won’t be able to do much except eat, sleep, work and have meetings. Work trips are different now – of course the tasks at hand must be focused on and work is at the forefront. [...]

Such A Thrill When Your Radials Squeal

I’ve always had great interest in the auto business and many years back I thought I may want to make a career of it (not selling them, I mean at the corporate level). I think it’s probably because here in the modern day, cars say a LOT about who we are. They are a decent [...]


I’m very proud to be an American today. Not because of who won, but because the U.S. took a major, historic and emotional step forward yesterday in starting to right hundreds of years of horribly embarrassing wrongs. Which isn’t to say that Obama was elected because he’s African-American. It’s that the majority of Americans (myself included) [...]

You Are About To Embark On A Journey….

….a journey around the internet.

The person who did this must be a) independently wealthy, b) a total dork, c) both or d) an absolute unstoppable genius of the highest proportions.

Divorce cake. I don’t really think there’s much of a market to sell stuff to recent divorcees, but then again, maybe there is. I mean, something [...]

I’ve Approved THIS Message

I can’t seem to make it through a debate anymore. I’ve tried to watch two – the VP one last week and then last night’s presidential debate. It’s just not worth the time. As is the case with every presidential campaign, nobody is telling the truth. I hate it. Every four years, the nation starts [...]