I’m Ready for the Laughing Gas

I recently got back from a family trip to Hawaii.
(Editors note: Back when I wrote on this page more regularly, my next sentence in this post would have been “but that’s a blog post for another time” or something like that. But let’s face it – at my current pace of roughly two posts per [...]

In Through The Out Door

I’ve been reading a book about parenting lately that explores, among other things, how to embrace and engage your “spirited child.” We have one of those. A delightful little kid who has TONS of spirit. So we’re trying to figure out how to utilize that spirit in the most positive way we can. You see, [...]

Company and Privacy

Tomorrow (March will mark exactly one year since I changed jobs. It seems completely impossible that one year has gone by so quickly, but the numbers don’t lie. Many of my friends ask me how it’s going and if I think I made the right move. As you might imagine, sometimes it takes a [...]

Checking In

I don’t know. I have to tell you, I really wish I could write here more. I truly do. I miss really taking the time to write, to really think something out and put it down. It’s funny – this week a friend of mine emailed to tell me that he still reads the blog [...]

Robot Probe

Somewhere on the interwebs in the last year two I wrote something about New Years Resolutions. I don’t make them every year – and for good reason – I usually don’t feel the need to. Now, let me be clear: setting goals for one’s self is fine. After all, we live in a world where [...]

Hybrid Driving

Driving a hybrid car is definitely a different experience. Witness the following:
- My car offers a lot of information to a driver. I can, by toggling a single button, get access to my tire pressure (which is important for hybrids), what my average MPG is for each of my last five gas tanks, what my [...]

Christmas Tree Smackdown

I’ll be the first to admit to you, anytime, that I’m not handy. If you need something fixed, I am not your guy. I can go about as far as changing doorknobs. I once replaced an outlet in our house and before I flicked the switch, had shaking visions of explosions, sirens and a caved-in [...]