Go BIG or Go Home!

I am loving this story, about the town of Portland, Maine, who decided that they were going to OWN the record book for the largest whoopie pie ever made. The previous record, accomplished out in Pennsylvania, was a robust 250 pound whoopie pie, a full 90 pounds above my own body weight. The fine folks [...]

Over My Head

Yesterday I received the results of my blood work from the doctor, after having a physical a couple of weeks ago. All pistons seem to be pumping just fine. My cholesterol score was 146. There were a lot of other numbers associated with very large words – for which I had no idea what they [...]

Fake Sarah Palin

Fake Sarah Palin on Twitter is probably the best thing that has happened to me this week. Hilarious.

Peanuts, Boxes and 1970

So, as discussed yesterday, I was preoccupied over the last week or so trying to see the world through my children’s eyes while on vacation. Today I am back to being focused on seeing the world through adult eyes and my eyes weren’t happy at all when I was putting out the trash this morning [...]

No Offense….

Whenever someone starts off a sentence with “no offense, but…..” – then prepare to be offended. Even a little bit. That being said….
No offense to divers, but is it really necessary to have color commentators for diving competitions? I mean, I can understand a play-by-play person telling us who’s diving, where they’re from and who’s [...]

Oh Baby, Hoggify

This might be the funniest video I’ve seen this year. It’s “normal” for about the first :30 seconds and then it’s off to the races. I was laughing so damn hard…..hat tip to Fort Miley.

They Grow Up So Fast

Just snapped this pic of one of my boys.