Open Up Your Mouth and Feed It

One of the things we treasure in our house is the crock pot. It is as versatile a piece of cooking machinery as you could ever hope for. When we first got it, we made a lot of very exquisite dishes that tasted out of this world, but took a long time. The first thing [...]

Awesome Awesome Cranberry Sauce

Don’t buy the canned shit. Make your own! Try this really tasty cranberry sauce recipe for the holidays (Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, whatever). You will be glad you did. Takes literally 10 minutes to assemble and maybe 15-20 to sit in the pot. The food goes in the pot, not you.

4 Naval Oranges, peeled and [...]

Brot Brot Boogie

In Berlin, Massachusetts, about 30 miles due west of Boston, there’s a little farm nestled in between innocuous residential streets. We discovered Balance Rock Farm when they started setting up shop at the Maynard Farmers Market about five years ago and this past summer, in our initiative to increase eating more locally and more responsibly, [...]

How Calming And Balming The Effect Of The Air

While sometimes it is hard to believe that it is already September 7, part of me isn’t surprised, given we pretty much missed a month a summer this year due to June’s rainfall, where it rained 21 out of 30 days.  So summer felt shorter. As we head out of summer vegetable season and into [...]

Too Much Pork For Just One Fork

Over the weekend I ventured into the magical land of pork tenderloin again, a place where there are always rainbows, sunshine, peace, quiet and nice cold beer. I usually dress up the pork with an Asian wet rub/marinade, but I thought I’d change it up this time and go dry rub. So I referred to [...]

Animals & Vegetables

I usually get to read books for 10-20 minutes per day if I’m lucky. There are plenty of days when I don’t get to read at all and I hate that. But life is life. I’ve finally completed Barbara Kingsolver’s incredible book, called “Animal Vegetable Miracle,” a work of non-fiction where she tells the story [...]

Food Ruts?

I forgot to post this from a few weeks back – February 25th to be specific. Pictured here is a dish called Chicken Mole with Green Beans. It’s a recipe we picked up way back in 2000 from Cooking Light and has remained a relative staple for us through the years. It is painfully easy [...]