Get Off My Cloud

I was thinking about privacy today. There is a much talk about Facebook (or any other internet entity that has a social focus) and the controversy surrounding your privacy. I guess most people aren’t aware that there are a litany of options for you when it comes to sharing your data on Facebook. You can [...]

A Unique Friend Request

I guess it was only a matter of time before I received my first true spam via Facebook. I will occasionally get emails from bands I like or whatever, but that’s not really spam because I actively “liked” them on Facebook, so I don’t really mind getting messages from them. But today was the first [...]


Took a lot of brooms and washcloths to clean things out around here. Also took a $699 payout when I recently got this here Ipad. Now, I honestly have no idea if this is going to spur more blogging out of me. No matter what medium I type on, I still have far less time [...]

Rock or Talk

Now that I’m a commuter again, I thought I’d be really making the IPhone sweat for music during the drives. But a funny thing happened on the way……I somehow have not been listening to music on the commute. Instead, it’s been sports talk radio. Now, let me get something out of the way – I [...]

If You Like It Then You Should Have……

I am one of very few red-blooded American males that doesn’t really care who wins football games. Oh, when the Patriots are good, I’ll watch them in the playoffs and root for them and be into it. But I just can’t justify burning hours of my life on end to see who wins a regular [...]

Super Bowl!

Did you notice that you’re not hearing on the news or reading any articles about how expensive Super Bowl ads are this year? It’s not because it won’t be a good game. I assume it will. I don’t follow football religiously, but the teams in the Super Bowl are both 14-2. It’s mostly because large [...]

It’s A Media World

I keep hearing about Apple’s intentions to craft a version of ITunes that sits on a browser instead of it being an application that sits on your desktop. What this means, for those of you that have no idea what I just typed, is that you’d be able to use your ITunes and listen to [...]