Born Under the Brixton Sun

Let’s get something out of the way upfront here – I am not a super-leftist liberal, though I do tend to vote Democratic. Either way, what’s with the guns? Why are so many innocent people dying? I want to respect viewpoints, I want to respect the rights of hunters and their valid points about controlling [...]


I was so happy to open the Boston Globe this morning that find that the music staff is catching on to The Whigs. The writers saw them down in Austin, TX last week during South By Southwest, the industry’s annual get together which has always been about food and beer and not discussion panels. To [...]

Two Thumbs Up

Thought it would make sense today to share with you a couple of songs that have been rocking my world lately.
Bobby Bare Jr’s The Heart Bionic is quite the addicting little rock song. Bare Jr. has an especially distinctive, quirky voice and an exceptional ability to make his songs crawl into your head and stay [...]

I’m almost 36 years old now and I still have never…

I’m almost 36 years old now and I still have never found a toaster that works correctly. A few here and there work ok for the first few months, but inevitably it ends up on the fritz. Uneven toasting, multiple toasting cycles, etc etc. Where is the toaster that can automatically sense when the bread [...]

I Closed My Eyes And I Slipped Away

You know, I was never really a huge fan of the band Boston. I was way more into them as a teen than I am these days. That said, I still find myself rather sad that Brad Delp, their lead singer who possessed one of those voices, passed away on Friday at just age 55. [...]

How I Love You, AFLAC Duck

A few nights ago, I either heard on television or read somewhere that AFLAC was retiring their mascot duck from their now well-known television commercials. Upon hearing this, I nearly cried, because for some strange reason, I laugh my ass off when those commercials come on. I can’t explain it, but I LOVE the AFLAC [...]

Thank You For The Days

February 14th. A day that will forever be controversial in the battle of the sexes. Of course, most moralists would argue that the celebration of love should occur every day instead of once a year, but come on. This is the real world.
To me, there’s a more important holiday around this time and that’s February [...]