Free Time

Stephanie and I had the rarest of occasions this past Wednesday – 24 hours of free time together. As you may be experiencing yourselves, depending on who is reading this, a period of 24 hours of completely free time happens about as often as Tom Cruise actually being in a movie that is good.

Planning in advance for these things, of course, is useless. We tried to plan two weeks before, but the only day it could possibly work was a day when I had jury duty. The following day would work as well, but how can you book a room at a hotel or plan anything when you’re not sure if you’re going to get called back for a second day of jury duty? Then there was the time we planned an overnight in NYC – and we went! Ah, but there was that little problem of me laying in the bed whole time with the flu. Theres nothing like laying bed having soup for a day or two in nyc. See? Planning these things is useless.

So we rolled the dice and assumed that something would be available the day before or even the day of. I wasn’t as worried about a hotel as Steph was, but then again, Stephanie’s personality is one where she is only truly comfortable when everything is known and planned. That is the way everyone should be, actually, but I’m not wired that way, which probably drives her nuts, the poor thing. I always think that last minute is possible and for hotels at least, we’ve been ok.

But when you get one of these free periods of time, you can sympathize with wanting to make sure everything is planned and happening. I get that.

Anyway, we found a great little hotel called The Copley Square Hotel and other than our absolutely tremendous meal at Stella in the South End, that’s where hunkered down until about 11:30 the next day. We did nothing. NOTHING. Steph slept until 10! I read! We ate. That is about it. I’m not sure we’ve done that since the stork showed up. What a time!

When we checked out, we then visited Flour Bakery, sticking to the South End, and we were not disappointed at all, most especially when we were stuffing our faces with their spectacularly delicious sticky buns. After that it was off to the movies! Are you kidding me? A movie too? We headed off to the Kendall Square Cinema, a place we used to visit quite often when we lived just outside of Davis Square and it was a different world.

The movie of choice was called Please Give, a Katherine Keener, Oliver Platt and Amanda Peet movie about middle age and grasping for reason and satisfaction. It was very very good, much like the remainder of our respite.

By the way, back to Stella – if you’re remotely interested in food, Stella is your place. They put a grilled Halibut over corn/onion/potato salad entree in front of me that hasn’t been equalled anywhere else in years. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve had a better meal in years. So go there.


Random Snippets

1. I hope ESPN realizes they have completely jumped the shark now. In the past few years, SportsCenter has become utterly unwatchable, as the sportscasters now focus the show entirely on themselves and how stupid they can make themselves sound. They all think they’re so funny. You ever been to a comedy club in a small city or seen a stand-up comedy show at 1am on some random, shitty cable tv channel? That’s SportsCenter now. Tripe. Why do they all have to be so desperate to be the next Patrick-Olberman phenomenon? This LeBron James business just cements it for them – shark. jumped.

2. Laurel Canyon. The book by this name is the first book I’ve read on the IPad. I am undecided if I will read another one in this. I think it’s awesome for short burst reading like magazines, but maybe not for books. That said, the book itself was a fun read, detailing the wondrous time in the 60s and 70s for that part of California. The stories about Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Jackson Browne, Frank Zappa and so many others who were neighbors there carries the book. If you’re a music and pop culture fan, well worth the read and it won’t take you long.

3. Contact lenses. Last night I played in a hockey game with two contact lenses in my left eye. Why? Because I flubbed installation and it got stuck way up in my eyeball. Due to the never stop nature of my life right now, i simply didn’t have time to try and fish it out, just like I don’t have time to go back and capitalize that “I” back there. I keep thinking I am so ready to just say the hell with it and just get lasik but then I remember – it’s surgery. On. My. Eyeballs. That shit freaks me out man! By the way, the lens presented itself this morning after my shower. Slept with it.

4. It’s getting to be time for very interesting questions from the boys. Tonight I got three doozies: “where did you buy me?” “how come doggies don’t pee out of their tails?” and “how did you make me.” gonna be a fun year.


Real Life

We kid more than we know about “real life.” I always laugh when I see sitcoms, dramas, or movies on TV where there’s a couple in bed, the sun is starting to peek in because its morning and the couple is wrapped together in a slumbering embrace. They awaken, happy and glorious, staring all googly-eyed at each other. Now, I don’t know about you, but my wife and I can’t last more than two minutes doing this. Sleeping for HOURS in an embrace? I’d be sweating and unbearably hot even with the AC at full tilt. It’s just not possible. And what of comfort? There is, inevitably, a stray arm that is either so numb or in such an uncomfortable position that you’d rather stand in line at the supermarket deli. Real life is this – we don’t face each other when we sleep. No idea why.

We bought a king bed because we figured it was inevitable that the kids, from either sickness or fear of the dark, would be coming into the room. We thought we needed the space. Funny thing happened on the way to bed, though – our kids hate our bed. We should be happy they’re not coming in every night, right? But now we find ourselves talking about how cute it would be if we all slept together! The grass is always greener! Real life.

I haven’t set an alarm for months now. I don’t need to. I have two human alarms that go off just before 6 every day, and lately an internal clock going off at 5 sharp. If I fall back asleep, gravy. But it only happens once every week, if that.

I wonder if there has ever truly been a show or any form of media that depicts sleeping in any real, remotely accurate way?