Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Internet time. I hear that phrase a lot. At least once a week at work I hear people say things like “moving in internet time,” meaning ‘at warp-speed.’ The phrase’s foundation comes from the idea that when you combine one of the most revolutionary inventions of the modern era (the internet) with a fickle group who grew up huffing on MTV and puffing on video games, you end up with what we have today. What do we have today, you ask? Well, today is all about flavor-of-the-day. It’s clearly happened in music – it’s almost stunning how many bands with hits today are never heard from again compared to even ten yeard ago. It’s happened in the movies, where first week receipts are all that matters anymore.

It’s obviously happening on the internet. Remember Friendster? Goodness. Talk about a rush and then a crash. I remember at the height of the Friendster frenzy (bad alliteration, I know) I told whomever would listen that we should acquire it or something similar. Thankfully, we didn’t. Hey, I can admit when I’m wrong. Now look at MySpace – remember how HUGE it was even six months ago? Now it’s turning into a graveyard, as Facebook ramps. I’m sure glad I’m not Rupert Murdoch right now. There’s already rumblings about Murdoch’s Fox conglomerate spinning MySpace to Yahoo. Every day the price goes down! This must drive investors and VC’s crazy. Maybe in the end the only thing that really thrives are the true utilities. Remember a few weeks ago when I spoke about Wesabe? Now that’s a utility.

Crazy business, this. Sometimes it just makes me want to dial up some Gordon Lightfoot and forget about new media. Of course, it’ll never happen. After all, I’m that guy in the first paragraph.

Check this out! I’m scanning the New England News Briefs this morning in The Boston Globe and I came across this story. Check out this dude’s NAME!! Care to even TRY and pronounce it?

Man charged with assault, battery in park
A New York man was arrested last night and charged with indecent assault and battery in allegedly assaulting a woman and child in a play area of the Esplanade yesterday, State Police said. Rearlimgigeazr P. Eshiesycapilla, 23, was arrested at about 8:40 p.m. just yards from where the assault allegedly occurred, police said. The victim told police he had grabbed both her and the child and that she was able to break away and flee. Eshiesycapilla is expected to appear today in Boston Municipal Court on one count of indecent assault and battery and one count of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14.


Breaking News & Wind

Maynard, MA (AP) – On a beautiful late Saturday morning in New England, as a gentle breeze flowed through the small town of Maynard, Massachusetts, 3-week old Zachary Copetas accomplished the first of what his father hopes will be many milestones and accomplishments – he pooped on someone. Generally, Pampers do a fine job of keeping certain contents where they’re meant to be, but on occasion even the best of diapers cannot withhold such projectile. And on this Saturday, young Zachary’s eyes started to squint, his face turned that special shade of red, his colon undoubtedly tightened and then, not unlike Mount St. Helens, there was activity. The victim, you ask? None other than corporate big-shot Rob MacLeod, co-founder and President of major Boston corporation Neoscape, whose right leg will forever be enshrined as the first human body part that Zachary shat on. Congratulations, Rob!

Both the shitter and shitee appeared non-plussed in the press conference afterwards. MacLeod, undoubtedly having plenty of experience being shit on as a ten-year business mogel, shrugged it off and said “it’s no big deal.”

Zachary took a much more bashful approach. When asked about the event, he stayed ever-so-silent and used sign language to say “hey, it doesn’t matter if you own a business in the big city or mop floors for a living, if I want to shit on you, I’m gonna shit on you.” He then farted loudly and fell asleep, with a faint smile crossing his face.


The REAL Claude Julien

the REAL claude julien
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You know, I was really hoping for Mike Milbury all along, but the Bruins choice as George “The Animal” Steele for head coach is a stroke of genius. Just imagine all the marketing angles! He could, for example, eat one of the opposing players helmets before knocking him out cold with a skate. Or he could hit the referee with the skate sharpening machine. The opportunities are endless! Finally, the Bruins do something right!


Pass The Dutchie

There might be a lot of these coming in the following weeks as my time is consumed by the two little cute monkeys now living in our house. Here’s a track by a band I’ve been listening to a lot lately called Youth Group. They’re from Australia and sound relatively timeless. The song is called “The Destruction of Laurel Canyon” and I hope you enjoy. Their whole album is pretty strong.

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Partly Sunny

Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
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So I’ve been trying to listen to this new Wilco album whenever I have a spare moment, which is rare. But maybe once per day I’ll have a few fleeting moments to sit and scroll through my Apple TV and listen to it. As you know from various postings over the past few years, Wilco often-times drives me a little mad. For example, when they released “Summer Teeth,” I was extremely disappointed, despite the fact that my favorite Wilco song to this day (“How To Fight Loneliness”) is on that album.

It’s been much of the same since. A gem here, a hummable tune there. This latest one, though, “Sky Blue Sky,” has me pretty excited. A lot of people are saying that Wilco has gone back to their country rock sound found on their first two offerings, but I really don’t hear that. What I do hear is a series of mid-tempo songs that show me the band has something left in the tank. It is probably my favorite collection of theirs since 1996’s “Being There.” The luster may wear off with time, but I’m encouraged. Not psyched. Encouraged.

Here">Here" />#8217;s one of the stronger songs on the album, “What Light,” performed on the David Letterman show a couple of weeks back.