So I’m on a plane heading home this afternoon and I’ve just more or less completed a 37-page RFP. Translation: I don’t feel like working on the plane. And I don’t have a magazine to read – a rarity. So, I’m faced with the prospect of sitting there like a lump, focusing on what’s coming out of my Ipod, reading the USAir monthly magazine, leafing through the Duty Free catalog, or checking out SkyMall. Naturally, I check out SkyMall. Because it is the most ridiculous of the options.

Now, I’ve cruised through the SkyMall magazine before. It’s always good for a few chuckles, but today I really paid attention and discovered that some of this stuff is not only retarded, but I’ve never, EVER seen anyone use some of it. I mean, what would you think if you saw this guy?

Please Kick This Guy's Ass

Please kick this guy’s ASS if you see him! I know I would NEVER buy this and actually use it on a plane. But then I got to thinking – what if I did buy it, use it and take photos of myself doing it? So I’ve done what any enterprising blogger would do – I took the catalog with me and over the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting some of the most insane products I’ve ever seen. I’m open to the idea of actually buying a bunch of it (picture above included) and going out and using the stuff that I buy and documenting it here, but then I thought it might be a waste of money. Unless, of course, my reader(s) are willing to contribute. You help buy, I will go out in public and try it. That’s a deal. If you’re up for it, let me know and I’ll set up a contributions thing via PayPal or something. It could be hilarious!

By the way, I’m still screen-grabbing TV characters, too. I think that blog feature has promise. Stay tuned.